How Procrastination Affects Grades

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Topic:How procrastination affects grades? Procrastination is a problem that many college students have it is also called student syndrome.Procrastination means when a student will only do his task just before the deadline.What are the cause of that phenomenon? How does it affects grades? What are the other effects of procrastinating? The main reason of procrastinating is laziness.Most of the students when they for example get the assignment put it off to the side and do it "later".But that "later" becomes right before the due date or deadline .Still there are many more causes like the fear of failure.It makes you repel the task so that you never have to know this feeling of failure.Or the fear of success it can seem really weird but, but the fear of the success is one of the reason of procrastination. For example, some procrastinators are afraid that by beginning to work at top speed, they cannot stop any more and will become drug-addicts of the work. Indeed, for the procrastinator, if the procrastination is a compulsive act, then the opposite ( the working desire) is also true. He then imagines to have to spend time in front of the computer or in the library to work, without ever getting out to see his(her) friends. The procrastinators are also sometimes afraid,them who are afraid of the success are also afraid that their personality changes if they work too much. For example, they are afraid of becoming cold and distant with the others and of losing their capacity to make friends. Certain persons, push away the work because for them it is a way of protecting their autonomy and their independence. When we give them something to make, they tell themselves: " you cannot oblige me to make that, I shall make it when I shall want it. It is me who decide ".Procrastination gives them the impression that they are controlling the situations in whom the

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