Personal Narrative: My Experience At St. Anne's School

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Just like last semester, I decided to do my Christian service hours at St. Anne’s School located in Santa Monica. Three times a week, I would go to St. Anne’s school and tutor the elementary school students with homework and study assistance. My supervisor, Ms. Francis, would then have me sign in my hours to keep for records. For every trip I made to the school, I would serve 1 hour of Christian service hours. Mrs. Francis has a very humble and optimistic spirit. I have known her since the years when I attended St. Anne’s School. Every day, she impacts a student just by being kind even if the student is having a bad day. She surely knows how to turn a frown upside down. She encourages all the St. Anne students to study hard and always try the hardest. Her beliefs always help students to strive for the best. Mrs. Francis makes everyone feel like they are part of the St. Anne’s community.…show more content…
Anne School. It allowed students to fix their educational gaps and it prevented them from falling back in their classes. It also instilled in the students a time management skill that would benefit them in the long run. Unfortunately, there are not many tutors and after school teachers to go around. Many students end up leaving without understanding their math homework or any type of homework. When there are sufficient amount of tutors, students are less frustrated and more enthusiastic to learn. Since St. Anne School is a catholic school. Faith plays a major part in the school including the teachers at the after school programs. Many people that work at St. Anne work their because they enjoy it. Some of the teachers believe that they were given a calling from God to teach. So this type of mentality, actually rubs off on the students and it gives them an opportunity to have a religious foundation in their

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