Collage Application Essay

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Collage Application Essay Assignment In my past, I have made many good and bad decisions in my lifetime. The one I am most proud of would have to be my junior year grades. I went from being a D average student to becoming a 3.0 student. I decided to actually try and to see what kind of grades I could get; it ended up being that I could get good grades, and it wasn’t even that difficult. I decided to try because of my parents, sports, and most importantly my future. I knew that I was capable because of my past. Kindergarten through 7th grade I received straight A’s and was on the honor roll each year. What pushed me the most was my parents. I wasn’t able to do a lot of things that I wanted to do because of my grades. At one point I was actually ineligible to play sports, what are everything to me. My parents influenced me to do better in school by allowing me to get my license the day my grades went above a 3.0. It took me awhile but by the end of the semester I had a 3.1 and was able to get my driver’s license. My grades at an all-time low were around a D average, I was able to go from that to a B average in one semester. Another thing that pushed me was sports. The only time that I am able to be with my friends and have fun is when im playing sports. I play rugby, football, and run track. I was unable to play football for the first 3 weeks because of my grades. When I learned of this I immediately started going to labs and everything I could so I still had my starting position and was able to play. After that I never let my grades get under a 2.0 so it couldn’t happen again. The other thing that really pushed me was me looking at my future career. With bad grades like I had, no collages would want me. In this day in age in order to get a good job you have to go to collage. I started looking at the requirements to get
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