Torrance High English Experience Essay

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The easiest way to sum up my overall experience in Torrance High English is to sum it up in three sections. First the ghost of English past lets just say I wasn’t the best student in my second year of English. Next would be my struggles through my English career and how I overcame them. Last but not least is my current experience in Mr. Bostwicks English 3 class. Looking back on my English experience here at Torrance High I believe I have learned a lot. In my last year at middle school they had us pick our scheduled for the next year at Torrance High, I decided to go into the honors program for English( it was one of my stronger subjects). I got I think the best English 1 teacher in the school. Mr. Duvall taught me a better way to organize the information I had read. I got a B first semester. Second semester I got lazy and ended up with a C. Unfortunately my laziness followed me to my sophomore year with Mrs. Porter and I failed the first semester. I switched out of honors hopeing I wouldn’t be a lazy in normal English with Ms. Thackston, I was wrong.…show more content…
Being in Mr. Bostwicks class I’ve learned a lot. My grammar has improved. I have learned better study habits and I think I have really grown with my writing abilities. Mr. Bostwick has taught my an easier way to set up my paragraphs. One of Mr. Bostwicks many mantras he has us memorize is something I think really helps me and it goes a little something like this “ words make up phrases and clauses, phrases and clauses makes sentences, sentences makes paragraphs, and paragraphs makes composition.” Altogether I give mister Bostwick my SEAL of approval. I think I have done something pretty amazing in this essay I have summed up my high school English career into a 2 pages. I have had my troubles in the past. I have my troubles now. I have had a great year with Mr. Bostwick. And It my strongest belief that I will remember everything I have learned in English for the rest of my
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