Eed 525 Benchmark Assessment

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Anisha Spellman Benchmark Assessment: Language Arts Unit Plan Grand Canyon University: EED-525 November 27, 2013 “Learning to read and reading to learn” is a quote that one of the schools in my district uses to help motivate reading in all students and their families. I believe reading is an important aspect of all lives. What exactly would the world be like without the reading? It is crucial that we teach this to all of the little children while they are young and trying to learn. The more they practice and the more teachers and parents instill this in their minds, the better they will become. Perfect practice, makes perfect. Most people would probably have trouble with trying to remember how they learned to read. I would have to say that I am a person who loves to read and I think that is it really an amazing thing. Also, I am someone who is involved in education and research and I think that it is amazing how learning to read is said to be a talent that it potentially impossible. Furthermore, it is very fascinating that the process of reading is actually a result of a tug-of-war between the material being read and the student, and hopefully there will be comprehension in the results from the material that is read. Additionally, the text maybe made up of phrases and characters in which will have a certain meaning. I have enjoyed this wonderful experience that I encountered while being in the classroom with wonderful students. I can honestly say that the teacher in the classroom did a great job with her students and I will be walking away with a bunch of awesome strategies and resources to take back to my own classroom to help with teaching reading and language arts. During this journey and through all of my observations, the teacher and myself had the same goal in mind and that was to make sure that we were educating the students to the
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