Early Childhood Education Paper

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Early Childhood Education Programs Amanda Daugherty ECE 312 Rhonda Taylor August 13, 2012 Early Childhood Education Programs Teaching in a classroom is more then just standing in front of a class telling kids what to do it is about coming up with a plan and putting into action to help the students. When coming up with a plan you need to look at a vision statement, mission statement, and a philosophy statement. In order for every one to know you are reasoning for teaching and what you stand for. In this we are going to learn what each of these are and how they work in a teaching plan. Vision statement: is what you see for the future of your company. A vision statement does not tell you what to do. It starts to shape the direction you want to be in your future teaching position.…show more content…
I will always keep the parents involved and welcome them into the room to watch how their children learn. When the school year ends, your child will know how o spell their name and have new learning skills. Mission statement: I am here to work with your children and find a good learning path for each of the students. I will develop different learning styles and find what works best each student. I will listen to what suggestions parents can make to help improve the classroom and make it a better learning environment. Philosophy: I am going to gather up students and parents and allow them to give me advice on how to improve the classroom. I am going to arrange the classroom so it is open and inviting. It will be a well-developed learning environment. Where I can teach the children how to read, write, and focus on what the need the most and not repeating what they already know. The way that vision, mission, and philosophy are based on a child development theory is they all help develop and plan and put them into action. There are many theories with child
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