Personal Narrative By Judy B. Blume

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Many may say what is English? I consider English to be a valuable aspect of a essential way uof life. Growing up I was the one who was fasinated with leaning how to read and spell, understand parts of English. Learning how to formulate words that would become a sentence. Focusing so hard on excelling in English I was having a hard time acknowledging the basic sentence patterens staying devoted I past it. As growing up and still intrigue about learning more english, shockingly there is more that must be learn. Learning the importance of English I gained hobbies, education, and my writting technique. Over the years I have growned and I use English in my everyday life. I enjoy that I was able to learn how to comprehend the words that I was brought upon and use them to my advantage.As I got better understanding English I seem to be amired by books that keep me amazed by the knowledge that I learn from what I have read. I remember when I was in Elementary school going to the Library and sitting in the look book pit reading one of my favorate childhood author Judy B. Blume.Reading is just one of my hobbies, however in my spare time I write songs and sing them to have a piece of relax. Writing sokngs became a habit that I started when I be unease; However I still be amazed how reading keeps me learning…show more content…
The teachers done all kinds of stredegy to engage me on English. As time go by I was not grasping the assignment as quickly as I should have been. Learning how to point out sentence essential and agreements were just another part of English that was getting me prepared for writting skills. After learning several parts of English I started working on establishing a express book to write my thoughts that come to surface in it. Writing in my express book helped me correspond with English in a different way to understand how writing is a way of English taht should be familar. While time go by I see that English is caused for critical

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