Reflective Essay On 'Night By Elsie Wesile And Anthem'

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Jamison Mullen Ms.Cramer Final reflective essay 5/24/12 It’s been a long hard year for all the students that took English 10. It’s good that people take English because it affects the way we talk, live, and function in day to day life. I can say personally English helped my writing tremendously. I could hardly write essays due to my bad grammar and the inability to punctuate my words and sentences I’ve come a long way. It was worth every question and worksheet to where I am now. I have had a great year and was faced with many challenges but all in all I did a pretty good job and improved all my English skills hugely. I’ve always been a good reader through school but even my reading skills improved this year. We read a selection of great books that have helped me understand big concepts. I felt that Night by Elsie Wesile and Anthem by Alice Hoffman should be taught next year because they were the most interesting and had the most impact on me as the reader. Night by Elsie Wesile was very interesting because it was based on real events that happened in our history. The holocaust was a dark part of our past that should never be forgotten. Elsie went through complete hell and had to mourn the loss of his mother and two sisters at the same time…show more content…
In September writing was my biggest problem but now it has gotten much easier to punctuate and organize all my writing pieces. But on another note I feel as if I should have put more effort toward all my work I did, I never hit those A+ grades everyone said I should have gotten so next year I will do everything in my power to prove them right because I know I can do better I just need another chance next year. All the strategies I was taught will stay with me forever I will use them through high school and even collage because they helped me and others

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