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Sean Thomas Journal I think I have seen much spiritual and intellectual growth in myself this year. I think the curriculum (and the teacher) has positively affected my Christianity and my faith in God. Out of all the Bible classes I have had in my time in middle school, this class has probably been the best and the heaviest. I think the style of how this class is run was at times challenging, but probably got us more used to how high school classes are going to be, and what they will demand from you. The textbooks we used this year weren’t half-bad and actually good in my opinion. They went over many relevant topics, ones that we could all relate to, whether we were coming back next year or not. The Wise Up book went over many great Bible…show more content…
The Law of Biogenesis states that if two of the same species mate, the offspring will and can only be born as the same species as the parent. If this is true, then a fetus has a 100% probability that it will be born as a…show more content…
And if that is true, then an abortion is really just a murder, and everyone who is “pro-choice” is supporting the option to kill humans simply because the parents made a mistake. As for goals this year, I will try my best to get the best grades possible in my classes next year. Ninth grade is a big leap from eight, and on top of it I am taking basically everything honors. This will be a good challenge for me, and I think a beneficial one. High school should be a big challenge for me academically, and I am ready to take it head on. It will also be spiritually different for me, too. Obviously, many kids will change over the course of the summer going into high school. They’ll want to fit in more, and try to act cooler as a result. Also, many of my own friends are leaving, and many new students are coming in. It will be a lot to handle, but I think I can handle it. I am going to have to try to remain the same guy I was before, and not entirely ignore my old friends and try to make new ones, like many others will be doing. I’m going to also have to try to not get too caught up in transitioning, and remember to think about God and ask Him for guidance in tough situations. In all, I really did enjoy this year, and I will try to be the same and do my best

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