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In these last few months the debate on raising the minimum wage has skyrocketed. President Obama said on his most recent radio address that American’s deserve a raise for their hard work. That a raise in the federal minimum wage would bring over 28 million American’s out of poverty and be beneficial to the economy. That mothers and fathers would be able to support their families. Businesses would benefit by middle income people spending their wages quickly because of basic needs. It isn’t the rich, or the 1-percenters as they are known for, that makes our American economy strive; it’s the working class that does. The one’s struggling to pay their rent could be the way to a striving economy. Today’s federal minimum wage has eroded over…show more content…
It has been shown that if minimum wage was to go up that it would only increase the pirce of a DVD that is worth $16.00 to $16.01. That is one cent of an increase that will help 28 million. In a review of sixty four studies on the increasing of minimum wage there was found to be no discernable effect on employment (United States Department of Labor. 2014). One landmark study was completed by an economist from Princeton named David Card and another named Alan Krueger in 1994. They began by examining employment at New Jersey-Pennsylvania border fast food restaurants. New Jersey had raised its minimum wage whereas Pennsylvania did not. The two economists found that nothing to indicate that New Jersey’s minimum wage increase had led to any job loss. What they had found was that employment had in fact increased at the fast food restaurants in New Jersey after the minimum wage increase (Nelp. 2014). It does not impact job creation. States have raised their minimum wage 91 times since 1987 during periods of high unemployment (Alternet.com. 2014). In over half of those cases the unemployment rate fell. In fact, over 600 of the best economists have signed a letter agreeing that a minimum wage increase does not hurt job…show more content…
It has been a huge struggle for me this term and I am hoping I pass the class as well as my psychology class. I have learned a great deal about effective writing. Although, I do wish I could catch onto APA formatting a lot better. I have tried youtube videos and looking at other pages about it and I am having a difficult time catching on. I did enjoy everything I learned on peer reviews and how effective those can be. Especially since I have been able to apply them to my job and to help expand my boss from just mundane comments to actual constructive reviews. Plagrisim is something that has been touched on since I was in middle school, possibly even elementary school but I can’t exactly remember back THAT far. Seeing how it has affected people in the spotlight has shed some huge light onto how it is a serious offensive and isn’t to be taken lightly. Sometimes I will draw and I have friends who are artists and someone taking their work and not giving them credit is a huge offense to them. It is understandable. Also, seeing how well visual aids can help a presenation was great, too. I had never thought of adding visual aids to my papers until this class. What a great idea! Aiding aids will be a great source for me in my future career seeing as how I would like to be a substance abuse couselor and open up my own rehab clinic. On a personal note: Thank you for such a great class. I hope to have you again in another

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