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Cari Buckley At the beginning of the semester, I thought I had a general knowledge of how to write a well thought-out paper with interesting hooks and developed paragraphs. Although I am still nowhere near a perfect writer or even qualified as a great writer, I feel that I have learned the skills necessary to hone and improve my abilities. I am almost positive that it will take a lot of work and dedication to perfect language as a tool of power, but I know that my newfound knowledge will help me on my journey. Throughout the entire semester, the research paper and the radical revision really helped open my mind to language as power. Because I wrote my paper on something that I feel very passionate about, I realized how easy and hard it is…show more content…
The worst that can happen is that they disagree with me. As a film student, it is important to contribute ideas and clearly state your vision so the film will look like how you planned. If you do not speak up or clearly state your message, then nothing will go exactly how you envisioned. Through exploring the stages of a research paper, I think it really helped me learn how to organize my ideas. I mean that sometimes I like to make claims without backing them up. This class has helped me to really investigate my claims so I can project them with confidence and greater persuasive power. Without writing an actual paper, it is good to have facts to back up personal claims. This gives the person great ethos. All in all, I know that this class will help me in my career in the long run because it has showed me what the power of language can do. It can change someone’s life simply because they choose to speak up and voice their opinion. Like I wrote in my research paper, being a woman in the film industry is difficult. But if I have great communication skills and persuasive power, I know I can achieve

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