Personal Narrative: US History

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As a young girl growing up I loved learning about historical events. As I got older I realized how passionate I'd become for history. History influenced me because it was not like all the other subjects I had taken, it was different. I loved learning about the past because I could visualize the significant events as if they were a movie playing in my head.History had always intrigued me and by my Freshmen year of high school learning about the Ancient times through modern times, which made me realize how amazing each civilization was. My teacher could sense that I was getting bored, so she suggested that I take AP U.S. history, because she knew I felt uncompleted in regular history classes.Though I knew it was going to be demanding I felt like…show more content…
History was quite a challenge like I had expected. Being in a college level class taught me how to manage my time wisely. At first it was hard because I was so used to having a limited quantity of homework, that when my AP teacher gave us our six page assignment I was flabbergasted. Though the paper was due within three days I still felt like I was struggling.After completing the assignment I knew I conquered the Challenging assignment. Besides taking an AP Course in school I took a Political Science course at Hunter College. Political Science was another great challenge to overcome. Being taught by a college professor opened my eyes for the future and what to expect during my college years. The homework was tough and the tests were complex, but in the end I got my college credit. The Political Science program even helped me succeed in my schools AP course because it prepared me for future topics that I would eventually learn and most importantly the AP exam. Throughout the year I kept completing all the intricate assignments and by doing so I feel that challenging myself has benefited me for the future that awaits me. Before AP History I felt unaccomplished and that school was too easy. I used to complete my assignments and feel spiritless. The course made me realize that college wouldn't be cinch. Taking a college level class in high school made it possible for me to realize that if I put my mind to something I can do anything I want. I know for fact I would make

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