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Summary-Critique of Professional Journal Article A Lesson Cycle for Teaching Expository Reading and Writing Jessica Harvie Southeastern University Research-Based Practices of Reading and Writing Instruction EDUC 5433 October 12, 2013 Dr. Janet Deck The two newly credentialed English teachers taught a five week long summer course educating 30 sixth graders and 31 seventh graders. The goal for these students was to be promoted to the next grade by the start of the next school year. The teachers taught study and English skills to these California middle school students who were required to attend class in order to be promoted. The participants were comprised of 20 sixth grade males and 10 females which included 21 Latinos and 9 white, non-Latino students. The seventh grade population consisted of 20 males and 11 females of which 19 students were Latino and 12 students were white or non-Latino. The study skills teacher introduced new vocabulary on the first day of the lesson. During this time students completed context clue exercises which enabled them to work directly with the vocabulary by creating sentences and using dictionaries to get accurate definitions. At…show more content…
The middle school students increased their abilities to locate main ideas when challenged with exercises in the lesson cycle. The lesson cycle was effective because it gave students practice with text structures, signal words, and graphic organizers (Montelongo, Herter, Ansaldo, & Hatter, 2010). The students also confirmed their comprehension through the correct rewriting of the given text. The authors conclude the study by acknowledging that further study is needed in order to evaluate the quality of expository writing and its effectiveness on comprehension. They further recognize that this study was limited to the specific use of main idea placement in either the first or last

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