Self Sabotage Essay

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Self- Sabotage Everybody has procrastinated in some sort of way. Unfortunately my procrastination has impacted my life in negative ways. It is a major stress factor that can have a negative impact on happiness, grades, and most of all it can hinder a student’s success. Grades are extremely impacted when a student holds off an assignment till last minute. Majority admit doing assignments the night before the due date. Even if the assignment seems very minimal student’s still hold it off till thirty minutes before class starts. For example when a paper is due I find that I skip over all the planning and outlining and just begin with no framework. In the end I turn in something that I am not very confident about and the results are almost predictable. If I would invest the time needed to organize I would have received a better grade. English has never been my forte in high school; I failed one whole semester because I was infected with senioritis. My mentality was that I didn’t HAVE to do anything because graduation was just around the corner, but boy was I wrong. This set of mentality pushed me back in my senior year and it prohibited me from enjoying my last year as my friends were living it up at all the parties while I was home finishing up my online class as a result of my failure. Online classes required self determination and a lot time. This is definitely not what I had in mind! Procrastination and grades don’t mix well and the outcome has many consequences. Happiness is hard to achieve when you are always in a rush to finish a task that was supposed to be done weeks or even months before hand. For example I waited all summer to sign up for fall classes and as a result I got stuck with most classes that other students didn’t want to take. I have a political science class taught by a teacher that is barely understandable and speaks in a low voice. Also
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