Pros And Cons Of Standardized Testing: The Act

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ENGL 1010-037 12/2/13 Standardized Testing: The ACT As a second year college student, I have been forced to take many standardized tests throughout my first 12 years of school. But, none of those tests would compare to the most crucial test, the ACT (American College Testing). Obviously I had to take this test to be admitted into Tennessee Technological University, which determined everything from my scholarships to my class placements. As I was preparing for the tests, I noticed that not only did the tests fail to include knowledge I had acquired throughout my high school career, but they also did not accurately place me into the correct classes that I would need for my freshman semester here at Tennessee Tech. My main concern with the ACT is that I fear that the makers of this test are failing to measure the academic success, including the skills and intelligence levels of students around the country. Attending classes in college with students of…show more content…
Students around the country are entirely different, along with the education systems in which they obtain their knowledge from. One test, combined in the mixing bowl, with the other negative ingredients, results in disadvantage for students with insufficient educators and lack of resources. Along with just one test, the skills measured are unevenly distributed, therefore ranking the lacking students at the bottom, leaving them out of monetary rewards and even college educations. The test makers for the ACT wanted to measure skills and intellectual levels, leaving out almost every factor that plays a part in education, which is just not possible. The steps that lead to knowledge are the ones that make the biggest impacts, which are the most different throughout the country, yet the tests are graded the exact same. Therefore, the ACT does not measure the accurate skills and college success of students in

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