Why Would You Cheat

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Rachel Veroneau Leasa Day English 101 February 10, 2013 Why Would You Cheat? People in college can have a hard time with some of their classes. They can think that it would be easy to just get all of the answers to a test, or to buy the paper that is needed. But why would someone cheat? Those kinds of ideas can lead them to serious consequences. Those consequences can include: getting caught, losing tuition, and getting kicked out of college. Getting caught may not be an issue, if they are in high school, but in college it can be an issue. Explaining themselves to the professor and classmates can be quite embarrassing. Their classmates may not find it okay for them to get good grades while they do nothing, while the classmates study hard and long to get the grades that they do. It can also lead the professor to think that the class is too easy. They may feel the need to increase the level of difficulty. Those in the class may not think that is fair either. If a professor finds that a person is cheating, they have to report them to the main office of the college, this can lead to difficulties for a student. They are placed on academic probation, and it is placed on their college transcript. They have to prove to the school that they will not cheat and will study hard to get the grades that they deserve. Having that kind of a mark isn’t good when they are trying to pursue a career. The student can get kicked out of the school if it continues and lose the education that they were trying to obtain. When a student cheats and loses his/her place in college, it also affects the tuition that they had in place to help with the cost of college. The college has to report this to the federal government, and they will be held accountable for all monies that they received to help out with their tuition. Those can include FAFSA, grants, loans, and

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