Extra Credit To Pass

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Some people deserve a second chance, but it shouldn’t be given to someone that doesn’t show effort towards school. If someone is failing a class you can’t always blame the student. You have to put in perspective that the teacher could be bad at teaching,or perhaps the student missed a lot of class due to being sick,or maybe the class is just too hard. So however, handing out extra credit could be tolerable to the students that show effort, and not to the students who mess around in class. One reason a student should receive extra credit to pass, is that they have trouble with that one specific subject. If you don’t understand something it’s hard to get it right on a test. Many tutoring services arn’t free, and some families don’t have the extra cash laying around. Some students after seeing there failing grade just completely give up. Teachers should give them extra credit they can still have a chance at passing the class. For instance some students fail their class because of the teacher. Even though it’s rare for a teacher to not tell a student his grade once, it still happens. A student in science class thought he had a C for the whole semester and one week before finals the teacher had just told him that he was failing this class. Like a normal human being the student started to panic. So at the end of class he politely asked for extra credit, and the teacher in return said, no. Although in college you don’t receive extra credit he deserves some extra credit to make up for the mistakes the teacher had made. Another reason why teachers should acquire failing students with extra credit is that perhaps the students may of missed many days of school prior to being sick or injured. However, if your a student that misses a day of school, you should get the make up work and you should catch up to the rest of the class on your own. But if you miss a months
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