Why School Should Suck

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A Response to the Article “Why school should suck” Everyone at one point has to do something they don't want to do and school is just one of them. The article “Why school is supposed to suck”, was written by Marni Soupcoff. Her article discusses how schools are now making the “environment as gentle as possible” for students so school won't “suck”, and how that's not going to help students in the end. I believe that school should suck because it'll teach students responsibility and hard work. School has to suck because it needs “... to teach children the self-discipline and responsibility they will need to survive in the real world as productive adults.” Both these traits are key to have as adults and need to be pushed upon students during their school career. Teachers also need to “...hold him accountable for his own work and behaviour.” If a student gets a bad grade they can only blame themselves for it. Once before in math class I failed a test and could only blame myself because I knew what I could and couldn't do. I then pushed myself to study and get more help. I'd rather get a failing grade that I earned, than a “no-zero” because of a policy. The policy basically is telling students that if they don't hand in assignments or do poorly on a test they won't get a zero, which isn't right. If schools are being too lenient on students it won't teach them how to work hard and discipline that they'll need in the future. I agree that school should “suck” because it'll be beneficial in the end to students and will help them become a well rounded individual. We all complain about how much school sucks, but there are so many kids in the world who would do anything for an
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