Group Grading Essay

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Group Grading While volunteering in my son’s kindergarten class I have come to realize that education is one area that would not benefit from group grading system. Grading students as a group allows some students to advance based on the work of others, and individual grading makes each student responsible for their own future. Although some people may benefit from a group grading system, an individual grading system is a much better way to judge a student’s level of knowledge, makes them accountable for their own work, and keeps teachers informed of what each student is learning. One of the many ways grading students as a group is less efficient and seemingly harmful is the fact that all students do not have the same level of knowledge. Some academics come naturally to students and if they are outnumbered by those that don’t comprehend the lesson, then they may receive a poor grade. In the same manner if a student is outnumbered by intellectual student then they would receive a grade they did not earn. I have seen a few children in the classroom who can read really well and it would not be fair to those few students if they received a low grade because the majority of the class does not know how to read well yet. Another downside to group grading is that sometimes you find that some people work harder than others. In college as well as in kindergarten you find students that put forth no effort, when this happens you have students who are going to have to work harder to pick up the slack. When a student doesn’t want to do the assigned work when given the time, and then they realize they cannot go outside and play with their friends until its complete they will just scribble down something. If the grade is group based then that student is relying on the rest of the group to get positive credit for something he or she has not done, this only teaches students to be
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