The Plagiarism Epidemic Analysis

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In the blog The Plagiarism Epidemic by Karen Bojar, she talks about how the internet has made it very easy for students to cheat. Karen Bojar is a retired school teacher, and she considers herself old school. She was a teacher at a community college in Philadelphia. According to Bojar the educational system has failed many students and there is no way to “make up for miseducation.” Bojar feels she should not have to be a cop. Many teachers do not like “catching plagiarists and bringing them to academic justice.” As she states, it is not hard to just cite the author that originally had the information you are using (Bojar). Plagiarism is becoming a big problem in the school system. Many students do not understand what needs to be cited and what does not. The school system should teach students the proper way to cite, and they should teach them that copy and pasting is not writing a paper. According Bojar to students at the community college have a hard time juggling classes along with his or her family and a job. Many students want teachers to teach and mentor them along with hold them to a standard (Bojar). Students are becoming lazy and waiting till the last minute. They will go to the internet and find other peoples…show more content…
Students do not realize that plagiarizing someone else’s work is actually stealing. The educational system does not teach this to students. The educational system should teach that you have to cite an author even if you just take their idea and do not use their exact words. The online companies that generate essays for students should be outlawed. This is making it where students that have a lot of money can easily get by with actually learning how to write correctly. Students need to learn to write correctly so when they get out in the real world they know what they are doing. People need to know how to come up with their own ideas and be able to give authors credit for their

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