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Green Shelton Peavy ENGL 1301.TM015 December 13, 2012 Insignificant High School Diplomas The essay, “In Praise of the ‘F’ Word” was written by an English major, Mary Sherry, who was also a founder and owner of a small research and publishing firm in Minnesota. The credibility of Mary Sherry goes to show that since she was a teacher and a mother to a high school student, she has already seen how high school students only do the bare minimum to get their diplomas. The education system in America is not one of the best ranked countries in the world and it is no wonder why when high schools are handing out diplomas to students who do not put in the effort. This topic is an important issue because education relies on generation after generation…show more content…
The thesis of Mary Sherry’s essay is that teachers and parents need to take further action to help their students earn their diplomas. The main points Sherry expresses in her essay are that students barely have any motivation to focus in school, how students are not satisfied with their academic skills, and ways that teachers can get their students to study. First, Sherry mentions in the essay, “…but, as I rediscover each time I walk into the classroom, before a teacher can expect students to concentrate, he has to get their attention, no matter what distractions may be at hand” (Sherry 515). I agree with what she said because I am a recent high school graduate who would always want to be everywhere but school. Another main…show more content…
I would like the writer to discuss more ways to get high school students to focus in school and how teachers or parents can help them achieve their goals. The comparison of this essay to my expectations are not very different at all, I agree with everything the writer has to say because education has only been getting worse throughout the years and the way that high school diplomas are just being handed out to seniors is not how it used to be which defeats the whole purpose of even learning. Sherry’s essay helps the readers clearly understand how education for high school students has become insignificant. Overall, Mary Sherry did really well writing this essay by using her thoughts and experiences to help the readers to be more informed on the

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