Gatto's Experienc Creativity Essay

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t Dear Jeff, How's it going buddy? Hope all is going well. Recently, I heard you are having a tough time in school. After reading this essay on Gatto quitting school you are not sure what to think. As well did I when I first read Gatto's piece against school. But after reanalyzing this article I was able to pick it apart. By going to school you are able to learn and improve the skills you need for future commissions. But Gatto refuses to believe in the public school educational system. Gatto says that school diminishes creativity; if anything kids discover their hidden creativeness in class while at school. He also says that kids are not able to advance in higher learning. When clearly, kids are able to follow the teacher and be able to get A's while the subjects get more extreme. Gatto says, "teachers tend to blame the kids, as you might expect"(pg. 683) from personal experiences I can say that I have had great relationships with my teachers throughout elementary school and especially High school. That not only did my teachers help me with my future studies but also gave me lots of advice on what to look out for in the future. Just because Gatto's…show more content…
It gives us a chance to express what we might like to do or something we enjoy. But Gatto has the nerve to imply that public schools diminish creativity. I remember in 4th grade my English teacher gave us a paper on what we would like our future home to look like. She said, "be creative" while going about your paper. Now a freshman in college, teachers still praise me to use in (as well as students in my classes) in school projects, essays, and artwork to be as creative as possible. If anything teachers don't try to diminish creativity they encourage it! They give us constant exercises to practice the use of our creativeness. Sometimes they even reward a certain person in the class for the most creative piece of work by giving them extra

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