Huck Finn Persuasive Essay

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Jack Pine 11 August 2011 Mr. Singler English 102 What the “Huck”? N-Bomb! Mark Twain's novel, Huckleberry Finn, published over a hundred years ago, has stirred controversy from racism to censorship due to some of the vulgar language. Although, one of his greatest books of all time many educators and parents support the removal of Huck Finn from elementary and high school curriculum's because of the abundant use of the ‘n-word’ used approximately 219 times through the novel. The derogatory term makes it hard to appropriately depict the true meaning of the book to a group of children without raising countless unspoken questions. On the other hand, we have those that believe that the removal of Twain’s vernacular of that time takes away from the contextual essence of the novel leaving the youth “unaware that their people have overcome centuries of oppression”. (Schneider 3) Furthermore, censorship of Huckleberry Finn could depend on many other factors: fear of uneducated or insensitive teachers leading student discussions, school administrators who wish to avoid controversy and discomfort with acknowledging our country's painful history. “It’s true that people might now be offended by the portrayal of Jim, or the use of “nigger”, but times have changed and we don’t portray them that way anymore. You can’t just ignore what happened and people…show more content…
If we understand why we fear the book and address that fear, then we would not be so quick to ban it. We shouldn't shy away from open discussion and conversation, since it will be the best thing for us in this situation. By taking away from our students the opportunities to see different styles of literature, historical thought and the mistakes from our past, we deny them the right to see the full advantages of freedom of speech and
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