Argumentative Essay On Banning Books

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Dalton Adair English 1101 Eller 11:30 19, September 2014 Banning Books Everyday people question question why people read. People read to their enjoyment and to learn about this abstract world we live in. There are millions of written documents on many different thing laws, news articles, books, and novels on things we can only imagine.Though the people read everyday all across the world and question what they read and earn think they never expected too and enjoy learning these new thing. In our world today there are no banned books ;however, there are books that have been taken off school reading list because the government and parents feel that the content of the book is not fit for children. The parents of these children have read these book and most likely learn things the don't even relies came from the books they do not want the kids to read. banning books is one of the worst things that could be done; moreover, it is unlawful and takes away from learning. In this day and age if the…show more content…
This issue even effects freedom of press because of the face that the books have to go through a publisher and therefore is part of the press. “The prison inmates who put out the San Quentin News may not have their freedom, hut they still have their freedom of press. The San Quentin News is the only inmate-produced newspaper in California and has been printed off and on since the 1920s under different names including the Wall City News.” Even in prison they still have the right of freedom of

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