Waiting For Superman Research Paper

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Williams, Lynae Boone Period: 7 1/7/12 The Reality of Life In reality, how many people actually take education seriously? Personally school systems from my perspective are not at the best they can be. The concern of all students and the education they receive seems to be very low. The law “No students left behind”, needs to be enforced more than it has been previously and as it is being enforced today. The film Waiting For Superman addressed the fact that a lot of students do not have the opportunity to get a good education, so there for students are being left behind. There can always be a solution to a Problem, and a possible solution to the issue of the lack of a good school giving good a education is to open more schools that practice the programs…show more content…
Solutions for problems like these are hard to come across, but if people took it upon themselves to try to educate them self by reading and writing more than they do it would help them in the long run. There was a table “From Reading at Risk” by Shea, Scanlon L., and Aufses presented that showed how many people actually take the intuitive to read for the purpose of educating their self. The people within the school systems should take a look at all of the problems with the Education system. It all starts with the adults in charge. Not every parent has the financial Stability to send their kids to schools with great education programs, as shown in waiting for Superman. So why should the innocent children be the ones being punished for something they Have no control over? By having more well educated people in the world it will make the environment a better place. The future needs to be thought about while changes and problems are being addressed. The school board and the people within the school systems need to have more caring feelings about those students who are being left behind. Public schools give the opportunities to get a good education but not many can
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