Benefits of Attending College

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Coming from very little advantages will not determine ones success in life. Very little advantages means not always having the best education or resources. Also meaning the environment may not be the best or the safest to live in at times. Coming from a low class does not determine whether you will fail or be successful in anything that a child does coming from very little. Children coming from little advantage miss out on an amount of things. One being education, coming from a low income schooling system that means that the education is not always up to par. Children that attend these schools will not be academically prepared for college if they do not have the skills they need. Coming from a low income schooling system where there are not enough books to go around and things of that matter are sometimes not skillfully prepared for furthering their education. Children are hindered by these kinds of schools, teachers and peers lay a big role in the children’s lives. Some teachers are there for the income it will bring into their house hold and not the well-being of the child and students are pressued by their peers into thinking that education is lame and for losers. In most cases this is what children of low income go through but not all. Many may not realize that the surroundings of children may sometimes affect their future. Being raised in a low income area surrounded by people living the same lifestyle as you as if struggling is the norm of society. Children learn from early in their adolescent years adapt to their environment if they see their parents living in the projects in most cases they won’t have any means to get out of the projects. Children are affected mainly because of what they see not all but quite a few children are comfortable living the same way they grew up . No matter the situation the child comes from it will never determine their fate.
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