Daniel Bruno Essay

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Chelsea Malone Dr. Watkins Daniel Bruno's Entitlement Education essay is quite true. There's a difference between passing your class while actually understanding, and passing without truly understanding. You see it all the time. I often find myself jealous of those who can study right before a test and pass, and yet I can't. How do they do it? Most of the time they don't really understand the material in the class, but somehow manage to pass with good grades. There are many downsides to what Bruno describes as being “cheated in the long run." He mentioned that although the students have remembered all the facts they don't really achieve any additional intelligence. He brought up a good point that a lot of people wouldn't have thought of in terms of a student’s education. Now I do kind of disagree with Bruno with the fact that as the students who lag behind in high school will later lag behind in college. It's not like the students were told not to push themselves or to take the easy route, they decided to go down that road. Do homework for a hour and really make their paper great or rush it before class. A simple choice like that can make a total difference in whether they really learned something or if they cheated themselves. I believe the students can decide if they want to succeed, and a lot of times after graduating high school they might become more mature and realize education is the key and be behind like they did in high school. Daniel Bruno's examples in the paper were very insightful. They gave you a better understanding of what he was talking about, rather than having to guess. His example of Thomas Jefferson's quote was a very good example because Thomas Jefferson is a very inspirational figure for the U.S. and people will take his words to heart. So yes, I do agree with the author’s assumption, not just because he’s right, but because I’ve
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