Morton East Case Study

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Morton East is a failing school, even though it’s been standing close to the time when the cubs won their last world series in 1908, you’d think for a building with many years under its belt it might be the high school out there. Wrong, Morton east doesn’t get any better than what it is today. It’s not a very good school to enroll a child in but what choice do you have? Morton East lacks good educators who love their job instead of teachers who wait for their tenure to kick in. The problem is not money at East it’s just the way we spent it. We don’t spend it wisely the way we should. Finally were failing academically. Morton defiantly falls under the category of failing schools but it’s not the students fault. It’s mainly the board of education. Think of students like a brand new puppy that you brought home for the family. If you don’t train that puppy he will dismantle your house. Now look at the teachers who refuse to tach because they can’t…show more content…
On the website it reveals a chart that clearly shows that on the ACT we are performing below average on Math, English, Science, and Reading. Morton offers tutoring for kids during supervision so it’s not like they’re not trying to boost it up its just the way they are isn’t working. Kids don’t want to go learn when they have free period? Also they take tests to see what students need extra help on but if you actually look closely to a student taking the test they’re just marking random letters so they can be done and go home. Morton needs a new system for the students but one can’t confront the system without obstacles. In the article A talk to the Teachers written by James Baldwin it states that what societies really, ideally, wants is a citizenry which will simply obey the rules of society, It’s basically saying the schools want no one to interfere. America is not first in academics worldwide but we’re number one in being

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