Cheating In High School

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Essay 1 The pressure of being a high school student is high, especially as they to the senior grades. Students caught cheating in high school should not automatically be expulsed. Someone doesn’t cheat for no reason, schools have to look into why the student was cheating in the first place and try to help. If it becomes a problem then the student should be dismissed. Today’s students cheat for a variety of reasons. As students get older the pressure to get good grades and the pressure from friend’s increases leading them to cheat. Then some think that cheating is not a big deal or that it is not wrong. Schools and teachers should work together with students to help them feel more secure and to show them that cheating is not acceptable and that they will only be hurting themselves in the long run. Younger children believe that cheating is wrong but that it is acceptable in some instances. In elementary school children break or bend the rules to win games against their peers. But as they get older- around junior high- they begin cheating on academic work. “Cheating peeks in high school when about 75%of students admit to some kind of academic misgivings”. In schools cheating has become so socially acceptable that students think that it is okay to cheat. Schools lack a strong moral code that makes the student’s feel that they need to abide by it. With more people doing it, more people think it might be justified to cheat because others are doing it. Students “cheat because they see others who cheat and they think that they will be unfairly disadvantaged. The cheaters are getting 100 on the exam, while non-cheaters may only get 90’s”. Moreover the likelihood getting caught is very low. By the time students reach high school most of them will not say anything if a peer is cheating because it would be ratting out a friend, and even if students’ are not

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