Why Students Cheat

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Even though studying is the best way to get good grades, students cheat because feel they have to be straight A students because they are pressured by their parents to do well and they will not excel without above average grades. Academic dishonesty is something that is frowned on by all academic institutes no matter where you enroll. Cheating, plagiarism, fabrication, and deception of any kind are risking your entire school career and could jeopardize your entire working career. So why do so many students willingly participate in this practice? Some would stay it is because students do not want to study and just find it much easier to just purchase a essay online or to park their seat next to the “nerd” in the class to ensure that you ace every pop quiz. Others would say that the pressures of being scholastically advanced are too much of a burden, so they cheat to ensure that their goals are achieved they way their parents and teachers visualize for them. Whatever the reason, is it worth the risk or should students just be satisfied with the grades that they actually earned. Cheating may not always be the first option for some students but end up being the last resort in some situations. In high school, if a child is trying to land scholarship or trying to get into a prestigious school that only accepts the elite of the elite you are pressured to excel in all aspects of your academic career. So that term paper that there was no time to research was written by some anonymous screen name who charged you $5 bucks a page because that paper was 35% of their grade. Now the risk of being caught in some cases are slim to none if it is not something that you do all the time, but when students realize that it is much easier to pay someone to do the work it becomes a difficult habit to break. Parents may also contribute the dishonesty happening amongst
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