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Persuasive essay Don’t Teach the Test Students all around the world are subjected into giving ‘standardized tests’ to evaluate their place in this world. Standardized tests have come to a point where they run the lives of students and teachers alike. The point here is to convey the misuse of today’s standardized testing and its impact on young minds. Standardized testing has come to be known as a “core issue in education” (Silverstein 1). Students are shown to have increased stress levels due to testing, for them it has become the ill fate of ‘all or nothing’. These tests have belittled student’s hearts, making them ultimately feel dumb. Young minds have plugged their creativity up, raised to only care about the future and that there…show more content…
Instead of learning some actual useful information, teachers fret over the test rather than about how much that student is actually absorbing into their head. It has become a practice to ‘teach the test’ in today’s teaching world. Tests like SAT, ACT and AP have you pay quite a bit and don’t even show you what you did wrong, blocking out the possibility of even trying to learn from your mistakes. It is believed to be a clever tactic used to gain more profit, students keep coming back to prove they are worth more with those silly numbers. They stress day and night over these overrated tests, like previously stated channeling out the imagination, curiosity and good will. Besides being an imprecise measure for students, they use them to judge a teacher’s performance as well, essentially used to either reward or punish them. Standardized test are not helping us very much right now. In conclusion, the usage of standardized tests should be discontinued or by the very least lessened. These tests are not helping people, it’s initially having a negative effect on students and teachers. Standardized tests no longer seem to measure intelligence, but worth, “Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Techers Union, writes, “The use and misuse of standardized testing to measure what students know is still a farce” (Silverstein 1). It is like this we should further express the misusage of these tests

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