Joyce M. Jarrett's Freedom

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FREEDOM Freedom is the story of Joyce M Jarrett a professor of English, who wrote “I was propelled to my new liberty more out of a sense of mission.” as she said she discover the real freedom when she liberated herself of the bad feelings that let her experience of attended the all-white high school where she suffer demonstration of racism by the students and her geometry class’s professor. According to the writer, Joyce M. Jarrett the first day in school her teacher Mr. Moore fail her by ignoring her when she tried to be part of his group. When she decided to attend an all-white city High school and be part of a society, where everyone has the same right, but when she was sitting in the classroom surrounded by empty desks because no one wanted to be near to her and she has the courage to ask a question, no matter how strong the atmosphere of declination was that she could breathe in the room, she raised her hand until she heard Mr. Moore said “I see that there are no questions. Class dismissed” it was a painful and dehumanizing incident that broke her heart into millions of pieces. The…show more content…
According to the professional ethic we are the model of our students. Mr. Moore did the opposite, he ignored Joyce wend she asked a question and he said “I see there are no question. Class dismissed” with that attitude increased the cruelty, maltreatment and racism between students. The geometry teacher, Mr. Moore demonstrated his racism and poor values as a teacher by don’t let increased the integration in his class. When he heard the insults against Joyce, he only said “let’s get quiet and make the best of it” it is unacceptable heard a teacher said that. Maybe in the past don’t exited the NAEYC Code of ethical, and maybe no body remember Mr. Moore one of a value most important for a teacher according to the NAEYC “Respect diversity in children, families, and colleagues”, It is very sad see how those kind of event affected persons and even generation through the

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