Guns Should Not Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Pistols of Authority On December 15, 1971 the Second Amendment was passed claiming the right of the people of the U.S to keep and bear guns shall not be restricted; however, the amendment was passed under the bear necessity of security amongst all. Every able bodied person in the U.S. has the right to bear arms solely for their own security. Teachers can be defined as guardians to their students; therefore, the argument can be brought up by claiming the right for teachers to bear arms in the classroom is merely to the students benefit. Teachers bearing firearms in the classroom will guarantee more harm to students and their school’s social environment. With firearms present in the classroom, students no longer feel safe in their classroom, yet they fear the environment. Students should have the liberty of…show more content…
High school dropouts have fewer opportunities in life because of their lack of education. While we are occupied on our potential threat being the gun in the class room, we miss the opportunity to learn what our teacher had planned for the day. Missing enough of the lectures leads to low test scores and the though of dropping out. Dropouts will have fewer chances at being accepted into college universities. Universities favor grade point averages, high standardized test scores, advanced placement courses, and any other reflection of above average education. A high school dropout does not have the privilege of enrolling in advanced placement classes, nor the privilege of gaining the statistics needed to score above average on standardized placement tests. By allowing guns in schools, it lowers the students learning ability and causes them to feel better off by dropping the class, which leads to a ruined life in the future. Not only is dropping out of school a problem because students fear teachers, but students can also fear other

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