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In the state of Nevada, the testing requirements that are a prerequisite to promotion and graduation include completing 22.5 credits and passing the High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE). According to "Nevada Department Of Education" (2008), students will need to complete 2 semesters or earn 5 units of credit to be promoted to grade 10, they will need to have completed 4 semesters or earn 11 units of credit to be promoted to 11th grade, and complete 6 semesters or earn 17 units of credit to be promoted to grade 12. The 22.5 credits include four credits of English, three credits in mathematics, two credits of science, one credit of American Government, one credit in arts and humanities, one credit in American History, two credits in PE, ½ credit in health education, and ½ credit in computers. The HSPE changed the requirements in 2010 to include reading, math, writing, and science. There are many legal issues regarding high stakes testing. These include violations or…show more content…
NCLB was established so that students were not held back in a grade and were promoted to the next grade. I think this is a political aspect that is failing our students. If a student is not understanding the material or doesn’t pass the tests showing that they understand and can retain the information, I don’t believe that they should be promoted. I believe that it only hurts the students because they get more behind as they advance through the levels. The ethical issues that regard the high stakes testing is that it could be unfair to some students. Students with disabilities, students who speak English as a second language, students who have testing anxiety, etc. could all do badly on the tests. If they cannot pass the tests, they wont be able to graduate. The testing should be equal for all students and their varying

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