Grading Policy Should Not Be Changed Essay

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Dear Principal, Would it be fair if an A student, were to receive the same grade as, a D student? If you were to change the grading policy this would make parents and students frustrated. The grading policy should not be changed because students would not know their exact grades, their GPA, and high performers would earn the same grade as low performers. I don’t agree that you should consider a new grading policy that replaces letter or number grades because it will not benefit the school community. The first reason the grading policy should not be changed is students/parents would not know their exact grade. For instance, if a parent wants to know how their child is doing in school, they wouldn’t know because the new grading system doesn’t give enough insight (doesn’t break grade down). Also due to the fact that more students pass than fail,…show more content…
A GPA is an average of the grades accumulated by a student throughout his/her high school career. If a student doesn’t know their GPA they won’t know their rank in the class. If the school district switches to pass fail colleges won’t be able to see the students GPA, which may set students up for failure in college. Meaning that some of the students that pass are low achievers and barley passed and are not prepared for college. This will ultimately set students up for further failure. While many people oppose changing the grading policy, there are many people who support the idea. They are supporters because students have more of a chance of passing than failing and would increase the graduation rate. Although passing is what school’s hope for, there should be a clear line between the high achievers and the low achievers. everybody who passes shouldn’t get the same credit because they didn’t put in any effort. If students knew they didn’t need to try as hard to pass, they would do the bare
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