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12 Month School Year Essay

  • Submitted by: codysevey
  • on October 7, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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I am writing my essay on the idea of having a 12 month school year. I do not believe we should have a 12 month school year. This is because it is not good for the students, not good for the teachers, and not good for the school either.
I feel that a 12 month school year is not good for the students. For instance, if students had to do school work all year they will not work as well as they would in a normal school year. They also would not get the break they needed to get away from school and would be tired all the time and not want to do anything. They also would never want to go to school being there all year. Plus without a summer break students would never want to do anything. I assume there are a few students who would rather go this route, but most would hate it. I do believe we should tailor the school curriculum towards what the majority of students want.
I also believe a 12 month school year is bad for teachers as well. Teachers would have the same problems as students. Teachers would not have to make alot more work for all the students with a longer school year. With more workit makes the teachers have to grade more, a thing no teacher likes.   They would also have to deal with all the tired overworked students they have for an entire year. The teachers also would not like the idea of having no break from school for an entire year. They like to have a break from being i school as well, and would not appreciate having to work all year. Without a break, and having to deal with the students, the teachers would be annoyed and even more tired than the students.
A 12 month school year also would not be good for the school itself. The school already has enough things to deak with in the normal school year. If the school was to add four months to its year it might be too much to handle. Many factors will come into play like cost, the students, and the teachers. Costs are already a problem for the school now. If we added more time we would need more supplies...

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