How to Prevent Students from Dropping Out of High School

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This serious problem causes many students to drop out of school. Nearly 1.2 million students between the ages of 15 and 24 dropped out of high school in one year alone. They do this to either to help their family or to get a handle on their problem. Students in broken homes are more than twice as likely to drop out of school than those with families intact. This is so because of the fact that this is another stressful matter these young minds must also deal with. Home and school stability is another cause to for students dropping out of high school. More than half of dropouts have moved within their four years of being in high school. If a student does not have a stable home or a stable school life, then they are more likely to drop out of school. Stableness allows the student to feel comfortable enough to try to work at school. If they have a stable home and school life, then that is one less worry for them. This allows them to concentrate on staying in school instead. The more stable a situation is, the more comfortable the student becomes with the surroundings, the better they get along with teachers and students, and the easier it is for the to fit in and work hard at school. Bad school experiences are also a large contributor for the school dropout rate. A large majority of dropout students were only taking the bare minimum general high school requirements. This is because no one pushed them to try harder. This made students feel that school was not important enough to try hard at. These students then do not even care because they do not think school is important. These students also said they did not have much attention given to them when dealing with their schoolwork. This also emphasized that school was not important. A large majority of dropout students were held back a grade at least once in school life. This made those students feel as if they were not

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