Ditching Good Idea?

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Ditching School Good Idea? I was watching a commercial the other day and Lebron James stated that every twenty six seconds a student drops out f high school. There are many causes why students drop-out of school. Students are ditching school and easily getting away with it. They're not understanding why it is so important to go to school. Schools lose a lot of money due to students cutting class. They're also missing lectures causing them to get fail classes. Schools should have harsher consequences, such as two hours of Saturday school every unexcused absence. Therefore, the students can make up the work they missed. Students will then stop ditching and come to school. Schools will save a ton of money and students grades will increase. The result of schools having harsher consequences will be students coming to class more and improved grades. If students don't get punished for not coming to school, then schools will lose money and students will be missing lectures causing them to get bad grades. Students aren't graduating because they have too many unexcused absences. Ditching shouldn't be allowed and if one does ditch, then they must be punished. Some people might say Senior year in high school is a waste of time. I agree, my senior year consisted of cutting classes and not as much work. The best part about senior year is the Senior ditch days. We would get like ten to twenty people to cut class at the same time and go to the beach or go watch a movie. It was so easy to ditch classes, we would ditch like once a week. Little did I know that every class I ditched, my high school would lose approximately $17.40 according to the article “is it time to ditch Senior Year?” by Hsu, Caroline. (2). High schools should ban Senior ditch days. It would save schools a lot of money. Therefore, the school can provide more activities and supplies which would help the students

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