Is Summer Homework Benifical?

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Is summer homework beneficial? No, I think summer homework is not beneficial ,because the student may forget to complete the summer project , or they are too lazy to complete it, and also not beneficial for the teacher because they have to take the time out of their lesson plans to let the student catch up on this summer homework. I think some homework is not beneficial because some students fail to complete the summer homework because they forget to, because summer is the time for a student to have a break from work. Some students take AP classes or honors classes, and they have to do more than what is qualifying for regular C average student. A C average student has less work over the summer, if I was to become an AP student or honor student I will have more homework to complete for a grade to start of my new year.Also the teen to lose out on their summer, because there stressing about work that can, and should be reduced so that is not allot of pressure for the student and the teacher. Some students are just too lazy to complete the summer homework. I know that ther some student that have chosen a different road in life that just so happens to cause them to be lazy or just do not want to be in school at all. I know that there that kid that just like,I'm not doing my summer homework, summers for fun not for work. Not all students can be committed to completing summer homework. I also think that summer homework is not beneficial for the teacher because the teacher has to take time out of her lesson plan to let the students complete their summer homework, because she feels bad giving the student a bad grade at the beginning of the school year. Remember the summer homework is half of your first semester grade so if you mess up on summer reading and get a bad grade or no grade you're screwed. With that being said, I think summer
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