Should Homwework Be Banned

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Should homework be banned? Schools should not give homework for a variety of reasons. Learning is best done at school and stress is often caused by work given by schools. The need to do lots of additional work makes people prefer not to learn more about the topic. As students do undesirable activities, they lose otherwise better spent time with their family and friends. Thus it is clear that homework should be banned. Without question, learning at school is better than working at home. The school environment helps stimulate a good work ethic, Work set at home and completed at home does not promote the chance for all kids to show their skills. Thus the home environment is not a level playing field as it is at school. This is why homework should not be allowed. Second of all, while students are completing their homework they are getting stressed because these tasks are a large part of their grade. Stress is not a good thing. Stress can cause illnesses in later life, for example, heart disease, hair loss, whitening of hair and cancer. Though this may not be directly connected to middle school students it will still have an impact to them in life. Homework is also a main cause of stress for high schoolers. Stress from working too long, stress from anxiously hoping to get a good grade. Studies have shown that homework for elementary – high school should not have homework but work on some special project or reading at home after school for only a satin amount of time depending on what grade the student is in like forty minutes to two hours a day after school. Studies also show that homework can be more harmful then help full to students as they grow up. Studies show that students going to school all morning and afternoon doing work then coming home to do even more work will make them very over worked and make them lazy and they would not wont

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