Mary Sherry In Praise Of The F Word Analysis

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Devin Dufrene Essay 4 April 14, 2009 Failure Failure! Some students are afraid of it, Then again some students are given grades and passed anyway. Students should not be given grades and diplomas if they did not learn the necessary information and earn the grade. In this essay I will respond on how I agree with Mary Sherry in “In Praise of the F Word “on how students are hurt later in life First, if student doesn’t learn necessary information in high school he or she will not be able or having a lot off trouble in the after life with college or there new job. In example, if a student gets by in his English class not caring and not trying to learn, but his teacher likes the student so he passed him, when that student goes to college he will have trouble because he doesn’t know how to write a correct essay because he was given the grade. “Ten of thousands of 18 years-old will graduate this year and will be handed meaningless diplomas (Sherry 510). This shows most students have high school diplomas but…show more content…
Anything in life should not be given to anyone it should be earned or suffer the consequence. The fear of failing for some students is scary, he or she does not want to fail and if there motivated the student would most likely try harder and pay more attention in school. In example, when I was in high school I would never concentrate on social studies thinking it was important to me and one day my teacher came up to me telling me I would fail and not graduate this year because of my lack of effort in his class. From there on it got me thinking of my future and I didn’t want to fail and be back in high school for another year for stupid mistakes I made, so the next semester I work harder then ever and passed the class with an A. Sometimes a little motivation and being afraid of failure can motivate someone to work

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