Finish School Or Else Summary

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In the article “Finish School or Else” (Chicago Tribune, 1/29/12) by Steve Chapman, argues about a new proposal made by Barack Obama to pea that all states make students to stay to stay in school until they graduate or turn 18 made mandatory. At the moment, students can choose to drop out when they are 16 or 17 but general rule of thumb, dropping out can mean losing an opportunity of a paid income and is left with very little choices in their lives. Students who put the least amount of effort in class are the ones who should stay out of school than is wasting unproductive time with other students and teachers. They are the ones who are late, does not push themselves to succeed, and isn’t bright or smart enough simply won’t learn. There might be some benefit keeping the students around until they turn 18, but the cons outweigh what’s the best interest to these kids. They disrupt other students, teachers, and are unmotivated to reach their potential, often find themselves stuck on a daily basis. Dropping out is the only choice they can have and limiting this very choice only makes things worse. Although I agree with Chapman, I think that Obama serves good intentions with this proposal but the idea may be thought not well enough. I believe that you cannot force kids into learning and even doing so, they will have a harder time attending classes than before. It’s a distraction to the teachers and their fellow peers, making harder for kids who would want to be there, seems like a 4 year prison. Again, keeping these kids who would rather be goofing off and making trouble does not help them one bit. A better solution is to provide an alternative way to receive their well-deserved education, not getting stuck in some traditional high school they cannot do well
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