Better Get Good Grades...Are We Pushing Our Kids Too Hard?

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You Better Get Good Grades Everyday, parents are pushing their kids to go to school and do the best that they can possibly do to get good grades. Everyone has heard it from their parents, “Better get good grades or you can’t go to college.” But are parents sometimes pushing too hard and putting too much pressure on the kids? When their kids do happen to get a bad grade, does this ruin their self esteem? When kids get up in the morning, they are ready to go to school, they want to get there, talk to their friends, get through class and go to recess. But when they get downstairs all ready to go, their parents tell them about how they need them to do better in school so that later on in life they can go to college and have a real job. This can be good, because it teaches their kids to succeed at everything they do, but it can also be hard on our children to tell them things like this. Everyone will always eventually fail and something, and when they do it will not feel good, but also having the feeling that they have let down their parents, that’s worse. When children think that their parents will now hate them because they did not pass a test, or do that well in their football game, they get depressed. They think that they are worthless and can’t do anything right. Although it’s not true, parents have preached to their kids about always doing the best they can and being the best, when they do fail, it brings them down and they think that now they won’t get into that college. They become overwhelmed and stressed so much about trying to do things right, then they lose focus of what’s really important…their happiness. When children become stressed and overwhelmed, they tend to do things that may not be safe for them. They might fall into drugs or drinking as a way to try to deal with all of their stress, then drinking can lead to further problems, much bigger than

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