Why Students Cheat

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Why Students Cheat Many students in school today are cheating on tests, final exams, and even plagiarizing someone else’s work. Recently it seems that cheating has become a major issue in our society because not just students cheat but businesses and companies that you would never expect to be dishonest. There are numerous reasons why people cheat and many officials are starting to figure out why. The main reason why people cheat in school is because they are scared to fail. When I was younger my parents always told me that if I didn’t graduate high school, or if I didn’t go to college I wouldn’t get a good job. I think this is how most people feel, that if they don’t get good grades and get into a good school they wont succeed. Our society values education very high, good grades can determine your future, and going to college to get a degree is the key to success today. In the, “Cheating Culture”, David Callahan says: “Things are tough out there. Jobs are less secure…” so it puts a lot more pressure on college students to get a good education. Money is also an issue because people believe that success is money and with no education there is no money. But what people don’t understand is money doesn’t always equal happiness. I wouldn’t be able to live a happy life knowing that I cheated my way to success. So if we stay loyal to ourselves we should have a happy outcome. Cheating can be fairly easy nowadays because most teachers allow cell phones to be used in class and students can text each other answers to the test or browse online with their smart phones. In the news, “Caught Cheating”, they talked about a school survey that half of the faculty admitted to ignoring cheating at least once. So if teachers are lenient about cheating more students will think it’s okay. Not every teacher can really watch over every single student so sometimes it can be easy to

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