Importance Of High School Essay

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WR-05 Essay Assignment Argumentative: Graduating high school is important for many reasons People who choose to not graduate from high school may have their own reasons, such as financial problems or so, but what do they plan to do later on with their future? According to research, a high school dropout will earn approximately $300,000 less over a lifetime than a high school graduate. The choice of work for a high school drop out is extremely limited, compared to those with a high school diploma. A student with financial problems can always request for a scholarship program from his/her school, as long as their grades aren’t the worst. In conclusion, not graduating from high school is a fatal mistake. Getting a high school diploma has many advantages for our future. In high school we are taught the basics of organization and logical thinking. These qualifications are crucial for when we apply on jobs. Nowadays the number of job applicants are rocketing, and those without a high school diploma could barely survive the competition. Employers do not find value in uneducated applicants and many require a high school diploma to apply for open positions. The job market is full of stiff competition and applicants must realize the importance of high school education.…show more content…
Many jobs require high school graduates, but the jobs offered couldn’t be called satisfactory enough, especially the salary. In order to get a good job with good salary, a higher degree is required. Students with a high school diploma can instantly further their education in community colleges, universities, and even an accredited online university. By doing so, when graduated with a new title, more and more jobs with great salary are there to offer. In contrast, high school dropouts have zero chance in this
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