Is College Worth It?

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Is College Worth it? Everyone in the United States wants to achieve the “American Dream”. People want to be able to provide a stable life for their families. A college education has been a must to grow in the work industry. But during this economic recession, college students have been having a difficult time staying in the college path, especially working class students. The lack of moral support from their families prevents these unfortunate students to finish their college education. The increase of college tuition and limited financial aid are causing students to go into debt, making them hesitant whether they should keep studying or not. Also it’s preventing students from picking needed major but because the low paycheck they are not sure if they will be able to be sustained. But college drop outs also can able be due to the unequal college preparation given in high schools. The education system needs to be reformed so students have the opportunity to choose whether they want to go to college or do vocational training instead. A college degree is bringing more negative aspects into a student’s life therefore students, especially from working class, must know the alternatives to be able to succeed. Most of the students in the United States are middle or working class. In addition of going to school, working class students also have to get a job to be able to help out their families. Working class students have always struggled to get by during their years in college but most of these students have families who support their dreams of coming out of poverty and become somebody with no pressures. However there are also students who lack family support and deal with these issues alone throughout college. According to the New York Times article For Poor, Leap to College Often Ends in a Hard Fall, “Likely reasons [that low income students drop out of college]

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