Is College Worth It

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Going to college would be well if you want to make more money than the average man. It is shown that kids that proceed into the college level, not only will be smarter but will benefit them because they take more money in annually. More and more jobs require education at a level higher then a diploma out of high school, they also have many more employment opportunities. Study's show that if you go to college you receive more benefits in health insurance and retirement funds. College graduates are also healthier and they live way longer than kids in high school because high school students tend to smoke more than the college student. But there is also a downfall to college for some kids, they tend to drop out after their first year, for the reason that "college is to hard for me to keep proceeding". Being a graduate from college gets more high paying bosses to check your background and most likely they will be interested in you because you have completed courses at a college level. Also being in college opens up your opportunities to be what ever you desire to achieve to be. Students that don't go to college most of them will be unemployed and not making money. A downfall of college is that some students cannot afford tuition which backs them up so they cannot finish there classes. Tuitions today has risen incredibly since the olden days. College also prepared you for life, it is the stepping stone to the real world, after you complete college you will be ready and prepared to live a new life as a college graduate. Graduating from college will get you closer to your dream of becoming what ever you desire to be, the world is a huge place, so do something you want to do for the rest of you life. You don't want to go towards a subject and get a degree, but then realize that you did not want to be what you chose. College stress can lead to massive headaches, and

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