College Tuitions Essay

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The Rising Prices of College Tuition College admissions are one of the most stressful parts of high school, and it is on the mind of almost every high schooler in the nation. The application process can be daunting, but the price tag associated with it is even more terrifying. College tuitions have played a huge role in determining which colleges students will attend and apply to. This is changing the future for America's youth. Many people have witnessed the cost of rising college tuitions crush students dreams of attending the schools that they have been fantasizing about for years. Tuition for colleges has been rising for many years and it is going to keep rising. This is the reason many American’s are not even considering college. Entering in a society without education is very hard when most jobs require at least an associates degree. With the rising tuition education is going to be very hard to acquire. So it is time for America to change and find a way to lower these ridiculous prices. A College Board report found that about 66% of students who earned a bachelor's degree in 2008 graduated with a substantial amount of debt. This proves that the cost of tuition is rising and in another report, it determined that the average debt of the class of 2008 owed $23,200. This was determined by the Project on student debt, a non profit organization. Hard to believe but in 2004 that number has increased by 25% showing that the amount of debt from the increasing tuition is rising at an exponential rate.(Value of a College Degree) While some argue that being tens of thousands in debt is not bad, they tend to forget that this is just for some undergraduates, and for students that wish to pursue the highest education for their degree they must go through many more years of school and tuition. That could mean having debts in the hundreds of thousands for those who
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