Is College Worth It.

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College Degree is worth it I agree on what experts believe “that a college degree will help you in finding a better job”. We believe that dropping out from college or high school; we will find a good job and that we will become successful person. Well we are wrong have to understand that if we do not have a college degree, we will be working in the same place with the same salary for the rest of our lives. A college degree will help us to find a better job, have a better economic status, and have different choices in our lives. I have no doubt that college is still worth it. College graduates make more money than people who just reach a high school diploma. College grads have the facility to find a good employment with a good salary and different types of benefits. Moreover, with a college degree you will be working in something that you really enjoy. I maintain that a college degree will lead you to have a better economic status. Many people with a college degree earn significantly more money over their lifetimes than those without a college degree. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to have paid vacations, holidays and enjoy your family a little more than those people who are working in factories. It is obvious that a college degree makes you a successful person. Likewise, gives you the option to have different choices in your life. Also, a degree not only gives you that opportunity to have employment, it also gives you the opportunity to choose which path you want to follow to reach and achieve your goals. For these reasons above, I agree with the statements that a college degree will help you in finding a better job. A college degree will give you knowledge and the option to have a decent employment, attain a better economic status and the opportunity to select what we want for ours

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