Intelligent Vs. Popular

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I I want to be more intelligent! Today, I will be writing about being more intelligent. I would prefer to be more intelligent than be more popular because I can get better grades, go to a better college, and get a much better job. I would rather be more intelligent because I could get good grades. Intelligent people get better grades because they get higher CST scores. As a result I would want better grades so I am able to be in honors classes. I also want good grades because I could go to a better high school. In addition, I would rather be more intelligent because that no one can take it away from me. Another benefit of being smart is that I have a chance to go to a better college or university. As a result if I get into a better college, I can get a better job. Furthermore I can get a better carrier because some colleges are specialized in the carrier I want. Also if I were more intelligent I would pass my classes in college with high scores. Those are the results of being more intelligent than being more popular more popular. Lastly if I finish and graduate college with good grades I have better chances of having a better job. I will most likely be hired for the job that I went to college for because I have the diploma. If I get hired for that job I will be paid a better amount of money. Those are three benefits that you will get if you’re more intelligent. Like I said in the beginning I would prefer to be more intelligent than be more popular. The reasons why I think like that are that I will be more successful in life than the popular kids with a better job and a better education. In addition popular kids have more friends but they are not that smart as the more intelligent
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